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Near History

On August 18, 2011, after much planning and discussion, a new co-operative organization came into existence. The organization is officially registered as a non-profit co-operative with an administrative office in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


The Co-operative is structured as a network of officials, professionals, employees and academics from around the world who have a personal interest in the future success of co-operatives. Individuals can be involved in three ways: as a lifetime member, as a sustaining member, or a following member. Lifetime membership involvement is voluntary, and is limited to individual persons. Sustaining members can include anyone or any organization who may wish to assist the co-operative in its efforts in some fashion. Following members include all others who have actively helped in some way or wish to remain aware of what the co-operative has planned or is doing.

One of the co-operative's three founding members, long time co-operator educator and author Dr. Ian MacPherson passed suddenly in late 2013. His energy, humor and deep love for co-operatives and of co-operation will not soon be forgotten. 

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