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Tools and Resources

This page is still under construction.  We are in the process of adding additional content and further details regarding tools and resources - Please check back again in the next few days.

Did you know that it is possible to start a social enterprise within a school?  Is is!  You can down load your free guide by clicking this link Social Enterprise Guide 09Feb2016 MAX final copy.pdf

A blast from the past!  Did you know there is a Co-operative Encounters Comic Book? In was published by Co-op Atlantic in Canada in the early 1980ies, and embodies the 6 co-operative principles. The 7th principle, 'Concern for Community' was add in the mid 1980ies.  You can download a copy of the 40 page comic using this link (file is 6.3 meg in size) Coop Encounters Comic Book.pdf

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